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Captain David Weinstein’s Harbor Connection and his coordination to bring Boston public school children to the ocean for hands-on science, the way it is supposed to be done, determined teachers who provide the best educational program I have ever seen: Tana Glennon-Annoub and her amazing class of the Harbor School (you were the first CSI detectives, you went through the rain to do it and really set the tone for CSI MISMO, thanks!), Mimi Fong, Donna Cataldo and her 5th grade class from Josiah Quincy Elementary School, John Clancey and Steve Ayer's class from the John Winthrop Elementary School, Carl Johnson and Kevin Robin from Odyssey High School, Andy Hayes Crystal Hill from Mary E. Curley Middle School, Carla Veiga and Bob Ettinger's great classes from William McCormack Middle School, Chris Burdman from Mildred Ave. Middle School, and  Jennifer Felicetti from Boston Public. The New England Harbor Discoveries Camps []. and their amazing staff: Joel Rubin, Sukey Padawer, Dara Wald, Jon Anderson, Jayshree Oberoi. Maria Elena Derrien, Heather Deschenes, Jo Blasi, Dave Wedge, Matt Tweedie, and Dana Crosby. Joel, I could not have done this without you and your great teachers, thank you!



Thanks to Java Jo’s Coffee House ( &, it was by far the best restaurant out of all the ones we tried during our 7 state road trip. Also their great open mike concerts are a must see, it happens every Thursday and Friday night in Jamaica Plain and East Milton MA, respectively!
Julie P. Ainsworth and Maryellen’s Environmental Club of Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration: ( Ailene Rogers, Jacky Farrell, Stacy L. Myers, Mary Morgan, Amity Bentliff Libby Koch, David Bender, Melissa Griffiths, Katie Granberg, Matt Stefani and all the great staff of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County (, Brian Conroy and Deborah Munson of TERC (, National Parks Service especially Boston Harbor Islands’ Bruce Jacobs, Kelly Felner, Mary Raczko, Daniel Knapp of World Turtle Productions. Armen Varadian and his great skills in filming footage for a possible movie. Linda Schier and her whole amazing family. Larry Childs and Chris Simons of Outwardbound Thompson Island. Carl Johnson. Jim McKenna of SERC, David Manski of Acadia National Parks. Linda Schier, Joyce Voorhis and the whole Dept. of Science at Brockton High School. Patricia Sullivan-Lynch's Sea Wonders: Marine Science Education Consultant/Owner. Sea Wonders: 125 Oscaleta Road, South Salem, NY 10590, (914)-763-5986. Barbara Warren & Rob Gough of Salem Sound Coastwatch ( Sue Tuxbury, Diane Little, and Moe Darci, and everyone at Save the Bay ( ), George Kramer, Mary Grady from Rhode Island College (, Lisa Cody, Helen Dole, Sara P. Grady and the North South Estuary Program (, Dedham, MA. Sue Richman from South Portland High School, Maine. Dora Borlaz and her great science club (sorry about the wait, I always get lost in NY, silly bridges), Terri Hallesy, Terry Regan Robin Goettel, New York Biology Teacher Assoc., Polly Wilson from Portland High School, Ross Henderson's Science Class of Noble & Greenough of Dedham, MA, Linda Hurt, Barbara Carvalho and her amazing class of second graders from Kingston Elementary School, Sara Sweetman, Beth Daley & Carolyn Johnson and the Boston Globe (Marine water invaders on Most Wanted list) Peter Lord who every week in the Providence Journal ( brings great stories of environmental science and activities , Amy Mack of the Providence Journal, Phil Capaldi's great 4th grade class from the Melrose School of Jamestown, RI, and Mora Capaldi for the great hospitality and amazing cooking.  Abe & Robert Checkoway, Mr. and Mrs. Fish and their great educational activities and way of life. Please attend one of their educational presentations: Dave Grant from the great Oceanographic Institute of Sandy Hook, Susan Haverstick & Dan Hinnencamp's Science club from Natick, MA. Rich Squillante and Michelle Woods-Robinson classes of Perry School of South Boston, New York Biology Teacher Association (NYBTA) Jodie York and her great camp staff of Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration, Kenny Bacow, Laura Bavaro and Dr. Robert Nuzzi Estuary program of Peconic for water quality data. Kathy Fisher and her 7th grade class from RI, Susan Hayhurst and Sarah Kirn of Vital Signs and GOMMEA ( Robert Rocha New Bedford ECHO Project, based at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, Connie Bebis and her class from the Apponequet High School. Chris Pires and his students from New Bedford Voc-Tech, Dr. David Welty and students from Fairhaven High School. Carol Steingart, Shannon Smith, Elizabeth Stephenson, Esperanza Stancioff and Tracy Hart of Maine Sea Grant Extension, David Guay, Anne Henshaw, Rose Teng, Marney Pratt  and everyone who took part in Bowdoin’s Coastal Science Institute teacher training course for the study of marine invasive species! In particular, Renee Foreman! Jeff Wilford of York Middle School in Maine, Zaffin Family, Kathy Fisher of Providence RI, Sam Wilson,  Andrea Bistany, Robin Lacey, Bill Jacobs of TNC, Andrea Locke, Nadia Caines and Mike Delaney of MWRA.

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