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Quotes for Mike Delaney, 

"1-800-CONFESS", "Evening News", "Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water", and New England Weather:


“Mike Delaney…embodies the whole spirit of our community of folk musicians in Massachusetts…Everybody loves him.” —Marilyn Rae Beyer, former host and Music Director on Boston Folk Radio, WUMB 91.9 FM.


"Mike Delaney's new album, Evening News, is right up there with the best in the tradition of folk music as a vehicle for protest and information.  A modern-day troubadour with a great feel for good lyrics!"--Penny Nichols, singer, composer, producer and educator.
"I enjoyed listening to Evening News"--Cliff Eberhardt, www.cliffeberhardt.net, singer-songwriter.

"This is the most important song ever written!" --Maura Kennedy, speaking of "I Wanna Be Maura Kennedy" as she invited Mike to play this song in her solo set at a recent concert of The Kennedys (www.kennedysmusic.com).

“I can't tell you how happy your song made me…it thrilled both Pete and myself!”—Maura Kennedy of “The Kennedy’s” (www.kennedysmusic.com) in regards to “I Wanna Be Maura Kennedy”.

"Mike Delaney is a great friend to many, a creative singer/songwriter and a marvelous performer. I am a huge fan of Pete & Maura Kennedy. I book them as often as possible in MA. "I Wanna Be Maura Kennedy" is a delightful romp, well executed, with great humor. Both Mike & Maura were great sports. I'm glad I enjoyed it with my morning coffee. Warmly, Mike "Mad Dog" Landers P.S. I wanna be Maura Kennedy, Too."--Michael R. Landers, Plymouth musician and concert producer.


“A true gentleman”—Guy Davis when he invited Mike Delaney to play with him at the 2005 Boston Folk Festival.


Anne Hills called 1-800-CONFESS “brilliant”.


Tom Paxton commented that “I’m Changing My Name to DOT.COM” was “not bad”.


"Mike is a solid songwriter who takes the stage with comfort, warmth, humanity, and ease"--David Roth, (www.davidrothmusic.com).


"Mike Delaney is a multi-instrumentalist... who plays with everybody, sings with everybody, picks with everybody, writes great tunes, plays great mandoline, great guitar, ...he does it all.--Mark Cosgrove, extrordinary flatpicker.


"I love hearing him play, and I enjoy his humor, and ...I'm really glad that he's not Maura Kennedy, because we already have a Maura Kennedy, and if he was Maura Kennedy we wouldn't have a Mike Delaney.--John Kirk, singer, songwriter, fiddler, and humorist.


"In  the finest tradition of the singer/songwriter as social and political conscience, Mike Delaney skewers our foibles and hypocricies with an insight, and often self-deprecating humor, that are never mean spirited or self-righteous"--Steve Friedman, producer, engineer, musician, Melville Park Studio, Boston, MA (www.melvillepark.com).
Mike's open mike has been recommended by Scott Alarik of the Boston Globe. And Dan Gewertz of the Boston Herald observed that as an open mike host Mike Delaney “provides a warm, supportive atmosphere for performers”.


“You did a beautiful job with 1-800-CONFESS. Quite an homage to SAMW and the whole camp scene”—David Roth, (www.davidrothmusic.com).


"Your CD has been living in my car, ready whenever I need a chuckle. I'll be having another colonoscopy, it seems, according to my doctor's schedule. I'll be humming your tune. And I just had some gumline surgery yesterday -- any songs for that?"--Joel Mabus, (www.joelmabus.com).


"Mike passed silly a while ago.  His sense of humor will biff you upside the head like a nerf bat."—Randy Browning of Late Bloomers (www.latebloomersmusic.com)

“New England Weather is a large group of folkies who truly love playing music together and for others. It’s a real treat.”--Dick Pleasants, WUMB Radio, 91.9, www.wumb.org, dick.pleasants@umb.edu.

"Just listened to 'Quabbin's Long-Forgotten Grave' and loved it!  The music, the words, the message"--Michael Tougias, www.michaeltougias.com, author of 'Quabbin: A History and Explorer's Guide' and also the national bestsellers 'Ten Hours Until Dawn' and 'Fatal Forecast'.

"Mike is an excellent guitarist, mandolinist and singer, as well as a witty, intelligent songwriter. His songs are often cause to stop and think about the issues he writes about.", Joey Ammo (Joseph Amicangelo), Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Artist at SESAC.

"You have a lovely voice", Karen Woodhall, Singer.

"Low Carb" is one of the "best new climate songs", Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock (www.ecoshock.org).

"Your CD is quite witty...Nice tribute to The Kennedys, whose music I have enjoyed for years."--Doug Dick, WVGN, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
"Mike's new CD, Evening News, is clearly a must-buy. (I mean, what's not to like about "Old Wooden Chair?" And I want to learn "Trash this Planet")"--Peg Espinola, Singer-songwriter.

"Evening News sounds great! My favorite songs are "Daddy, who's Mark Twain" and "Empty Driveway" but the whole CD has a nice sound and it flows well."--Michael Scott O'Donnell, singer, songwriter, and concert producer, www.msomusic.com.
"I have both of Mike Delaney's CDs and put them in whenever I'm feeling down.  Those fun songs pick me up in a hurry."--Rich Mosley, concert producer, promoter, and music fan.
"I'm enjoying your CDs. Very funny songs. I will definitely play them on the radio show."--Diane Crowe, host of  Music of the People on WMCB, 107.9 FM. 

"You have funny good stuff going on"--Pastor Mustard, host of "The Bluegrass with Mustard Show" on Aspen Public Radio, www.aspenpublicradio.org.

"Mike is one of best songwriters around, and he is also the host of the tremendous Roslindale Open Mike."--Dan Cloutier, singer-songwriter and host of the Amazing Things open mike.


"Mike is a terrific performer, fun and witty. His message is one that everyone should hear"--Karen Weber, organizer, Boston Green Fest.


"Mike Delaney is the Leon Russell of the 21st century"--Barry Spiro, singer-songwriter.

What "they" are saying about "Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water":

"EVEN though Mike's new CD "Boston Harbor" came to me $1.21 postage due, I figured it was worth a buck and a quarter (keep the change) to see what he was up to this time around.  Thanks to the liner notes I now know what Mike's day job is, but you never ask these questions of other musicians when you see them.  You just listen to the music (he's a fine and prolific songwriter) and take it from there.  Mike is always someone I'm interested to hear.  With this disk I continue to be.  I've got three more words for Mike: "Weigh the package".--David Roth, www.davidrothmusic.com, fantastic singer, songwriter, performer, and inspirational humanitarian.

"When Mike Delaney is not busy making the Boston Harbor safe for all the various gilled and finned creatures and swimmers and making sure the water that comes to your house has nothing other than water in it he is busy being a pretty darn good songwriter and performer. Mike's new CD "BOSTON HARBOR: No longer dirty water" is my favorite of his so far.  Some of the songs are very touching and some are very funny.  Mike is a great parody writer, but his serious songs are great as well.   Mike also covers some nice songs on this CD. I am particularly fond of #9.  Go out and buy this recording. " -- John Ferullo, writer of "Harbor Town".

"I got a kick out of your CD very clever.  You’ll have to some sort of MWRA/DCR performance.  Maybe on top of the digesters with your band kind of like the Beatles Get Back roof top performance.--Bill Pula, Superintendent of the Quabbin Reservoir for the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

"I finally had an opportunity to listen to your music on the CD that you left at my office.   Thanks for thinking of me.  I never knew you had "chops".  Nice sound and interesting lyrics.   And I'd be remiss not to mention the powder blue tux.......reminiscent of my high school senior prom.  It's good to know that there are other renaissance guys out there."--Dr. Mark Nankin, Mike's dentist.

"Charlie Button sent me a copy of Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water. WOW! I got such a huge kick out of it. Great job—very clever and a lot of fun. I think “Scum” might be my favorite. All the songs brought back so many great memories. We all changed the course of history, didn’t we? I still use the lessons from my days at MWRA every day."--Elisa Speranza, formerly of MWRA.

"Hey Mike thanks for sending the new cd along. Funny! You're  a very clever writer, as well as a fine player, and your heart is not only in the right place, it's in the right time, too.  We need you!"--Bennett Hammond, distinguished musician, songwriter, and philosopher. Used without permission.

"The tunes are great fun to listen to...I especially enjoyed the cover track (it's so Mike Delaney!) the Eels song (I remember seeing thousands of them crawl up the Lawrence Dam in one great wriggling collumn-like mass when I was a kid), and the MF Daisy cover song, which reminds me (conceptually) of Harry Nilsson's "Think About Your Troubles" which may actually make a good Mike Delaney cover."--Elizabeth Kennett, musician, songwriter, and graphic artist.

"It's really good."--Matt Liebman, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"A chuckle with every track"--Ron White, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

"Your music is unique and paints wonderful images of Massachusetts!"--Frani Halperin, Senior Producer, H2O Radio.

Even more buzz about Mike...

More agreeable than an electrical buzz from a bad transformer!” --Davis Sweet, the world’s foremost authority.

Radio/Internet Airplay: Here are radio stations and internet radiostations that have played songs from 1-800-CONFESS and/or added it to their CD library. Please support these stations and request my songs!

Dr. Demento, www.drdemento.com, Colonoscopy, 9/10/06


(Current as of 5/26/12 as far as I know courtesy of the FOLK-DJ Archives. If you'd like a disk for air play drop me a line at mike@mikedelaney.org.)

Fox's Minstrel Show, WRFG, Atlanta, GA, www.wrfg.org, Harlon Joye, 4/18/10, Trash This Planet

Acoustic Soup, 2AIR-FM, east Australia - 21 Nov 2006, 1-800-CONFESS


ACOUSTIC SOUP, Laura Summerfield, Coffs Coast Community Radio, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
2AIR-FM 107.9, 24th April 2007,  Reflecting on Global Conflict, Peace Through War

& Country, New Zealand
. Mon 20 Nov,  783KHz AM,  Mon 20 Nov 06, Low Carb


Robyne Fawx, The Saturday Morning Folk Show, KDVS Radio, 90.3 fm, www.kdvs.org, Singer-Songwriter Consultant

Trash This Planet is in rotation on Jango Radio and being played to Jango’s 7 million listeners. www.jango.com

8/17/09 Evening News

12/21/09 Peace Through War

on Music of the People, hosted by Diane Crowe on WMCB, 107.9, Greenfield, MA http://wmcbmusicofthepeople.blogspot.com/


6/20/09 - Trash this Planet

Fresh Folk, Utah Public Radio/KUSU-FM, Blair Larsen

10/19/07 Half of My Brain

12/29/06 Half of My Brain

Ruby Slippers, Click Your Heals Together, KFOK Georgetown, CA


11/25/06 Management Things

1/20/07 Half of My Brain

2/17/07 Low Carb

3/3/07 Terror Rainbow

3/10/07 Half of My Brain

5/12/07 Half of My Brain

8/4/07 Half of My Brain

9/1/07 Peace Through War

2/7/09 Evening News

2/14/09 Daddy, Who's Mark Twain?

Norman Whitman--Detours, WYSO-FM, Antioch University, 795 Livermore St., Yellow Springs, Ohio, 45387-1697


10/14/07 Management Things (10/16 National Boss Day)

09/30/07 Peace Through War

Fox's Minstrel Show, WRFG, Atlanta, GA
http://www.wrfg.org)   Harlon   Joye



The Kennedys / Eight Miles High / Songs of the Open Road / Appleseed
Mike Delaney / I Wanna Be Maura Kennedy / 1-800-Confess / Self
Doug Lewis Show
WVGN, 107.3 FM
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Doug Lewis Show is a Sing Out Radio Partner, 


Sunday Coffee House <sundaycoffeehouse@YAHOO.CA>, 02/04/07, Greg Schatzmann, CJLX 91.3FM Belleville, ON http://www.91x.fm,  CKHA 100.9FM, Haliburton, ON http://www.canoefm.comLow Carb 


Simply Folk, Martin-Erickson, Tom martin-erickson@WPR.ORG, Wisconsin Public Radio, \

28 January 2007, I’m Changing My Name to DOT.COM


WATD, Marshfield, MA, 95.9 FM, www.959watd.com, Tomorrow's Dreams, www.loveourmusic.com, Tofu the Vegan Killer Whale


WBCR, 97.7 FM, Berkshire Community Radio, Great Barrington, MA, www.berkshireradio.org, Graham and Barbara Dean, www.commonsensesongs.com


Arthur Elliott, "Sidestream", Radio 99.7FM, Brisbane, Australia.


www.wholewheatradio.org, Whole Wheat Radio, PO Box 872, Talkeetna, Alaska 99676, 10/26/06 a bunch of songs


Jim Albertson, Down Jersey, WSNJ-1240 AM and WMVB-1440 AM, www.wsnjam.com, I Remember Blue, 11/22/06


"General Eclectic", WCVF-FM, SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY 14063, Singer-Songwriter Consultant




www.folkalley.com, Folk Alley/WKSU, 1613 E. Summit St., Kent, OH 44242-0001


WUMD, UMASS Dartmouth, www.wsmu.org


Harris Radio, www.harrisradio.com


http://www.cctvcambridge.org/bandwidth Cambridge Community TV


Joe Cline, www.kilocyclekowboys.com, This Old Porch, WNCW, Spindale, NC, 88.7 FM www.wncw.org


Bruce Cameron, 'Come All Ye', Radio 2MCE-FM, CSU-Mitchell, Bathurst  NSW  2795, Australia


Jim Rogers, Modern Troubadours     *    Folk Time!, WIUP-FM, 121 Stouffer, IUP, Indiana, PA  15705, 724-357-3816 and Folk Time! Productions, 944 East Pike Road, Indiana, PA  15701, 724-422-8750


Michael Stock, WLRN Radio, 172 NE 15th ST, Miami, FL 33132



Midnight Special, Chicago, IL, www.midnightspecial.org

Morgan Huke WMFO Tufts

Bruce Sylvester WMBR MIT

Ben Pease WERS Emerson

Whole Wheat Radio

Online Folk Festival.com Greg Grant

Sing Out!

NPR Open Mike

Lee Larcheveque WMUA acoustic café

Maggie Ferguson, WXOU Auburn Hills MI

Diane Karl, KBOO Portland OR

Sonny Ochs, WRPI, Middleburgh NY

Mary Post, WVUD, Newark DE

Ruby Slippers, KVMR Nevada City CA

Susi Lanagan, PBS Victoria Australia

Angela Page, wjffradio.org, Liberty, NY

Robert Resnick, Vermont Public Radio

Bud Johnson, Acoustic Accents, TOK,AK

Robyne Fawx, KDVS, UC Davis, CA

Tom Martin-Erickson, Wisconsin Public R.

Jeff Robson UMFM Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fred Dolan, WJCU Cleveland OH

Laura Summerfield Acoustic Soup, Australia

Joe Cline This Old Porch Charlotte NC

Eddie O'Strange New Zealand

Bruce Cameron Come All Ye, Australia

Michael Stock WLRN Miami FL

Jim Rogers WIUP Indiana, PA

Tom Bingham WCVF Fredonia NY

Naomi Arenberg WGBH

Pete Harris Harris Radio

Jim Albertson Down Jersey WSNJ

Norm Whitman WYSO Yellow Springs, OH

Paul Wanner, WUMD So. Dartmouth, MA

Nick DiBiasio WICN Worcester

Pastor Mustard, The Bluegrass with Mustard Show, Aspen Public Radio, www.aspenpublicradio.org


Quotes for New England Weather (www.neweather.com):

"As we all know New England Weather is notoriously unpredictible and so is the folk band with that name. But it's unpredictible only in its repertoire; they often surprise you. But when it comes to the quality of their rollicking performances, they are not the least bit unpredictible... with them it's always fair weather." - Richard Walton, Stone Soup Coffeehouse (www.soup.org)

"The Inuits have a multitude of words to describe snow. With a language that rich, perhaps my "good mornings" after Salon Sundays could convey what I am feeling. ... "a little slice of Heaven." And I am both deliciously satiated and always yearning for more. New England Weather exemplifies that. The interaction of these people who are so dear to each other, and so steeped in each others music produces a result so beautiful it takes your breath away. Each one brings a unique, unmistakable identity and the rest pay homage with their artful blend of rythmns and harmonies. You almost hated to applaud at the end of a song because you wanted to sit in the afterglow just a moment
Wasn't it Maaavelous?!" - mfdaisy, Salon Sunday (www.salonsunday.com)

"First of all I would like to thank ... New England Weather for a terrific show last Friday. If you have never heard these guys, you really owe it to yourself to track [them] down ... and let them astound your world. Doing originals from as far back as 1400 years ago, [they] take you on a fascinating musical journey covering everything from a mining disaster to a vegetarian killer whale. It is enjoyable, to say the least and is not fattening, however it is habit forming." - Steve Howard, Lyrics & Latte's (www.myspace.com/accidentalsmusic)

"New England Weather is just as described. Able to change in an instant, due to the stellar individual qualities of its members. You don't get one sound. You get old and new original folk, blues and bluegrass - all delivered with an energy that will stand you up." - Susan Irene Master, Musician and Concert Producer

"New England Weather is a group of five talented musicians who are obviously friends as well as music partners. They share a diversity of musical styles from folk music including gospel and world music, to well-crafted original compositions. They perform on a variety of instruments and are known for their fine harmony singing. They have an informal style which immediately makes the audience very comfortable and eager to sing along. Though they function beautifully as a group, each member comes through as an individual, well supported by the others. I look forward to hearing more of their music!" - Ellen F. Schmidt, Musician and Producer (www.ellenschmidt.com)

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